what is day of ashura

ashura is an important day for muslim.

ashura.muharram.shia-muslim.imam hossain.husayn.true islam

He was not an ordinary human being.

His name was Hussain.

Hussain was the grandson of Muslims” holy prophet Muhammad.

He stood up against oppressors and he is a role model for Muslims in sacrifice, freedom, liberty and resistance

We call him imam, imam means leader and rector.

In year 61 AH (a way of calculating year based on the position of the moon), Imam Hussain along with his wife, children and siblings went to Iraq from Arabia, in order to respond to Iraqi”s request;

More than 4000 Iraqi wrote a letter to Imam Hussain and asked him to come to Iraq and rescue them from cruelness and injustice of their king “yazid” and bring justice, goodness and beauty.

Yazid was a cruel leader and he took peoples” property by force and represented Islam in an unrealistic and cruel way.

Actually he does not know anything of real Islam and do whatever he like to do and whatever benefits him.

He had broken a lot of absolute law in Islam himself!! So Iraqis asked for help, and Imam hussain answered them by coming to Iraq.

Yazid prevented Iraqis to join Imam Hussain by force and threat.

On the other hand he prevented Imam hussain to inter in capital city of Iraq so imam had to stay in a midway land called “Karbala”.

In Karbala, cruel yazid along with ten thousands soldier and military man stood against him and ordered his army to start a war with Imam hussain.

Imam and his wife and his children and siblings with his companions were only 72 people!!

One side an army with 72 soldiers and on the other side thousands of soldiers!!

But cruelness did not stop here; they surrounded the river and did not let hussain”s companions even the children and women to drink water!!

After a few day of surrounding and not drinking even a drop of water in a hot desert, all hussain”s companions were desperately thirsty and weak, they cannot do anything but tolerating the situation they”ve trapped in.

That was not a fair war.

Yazid told Imam hussain, if you want me to stop killing you and not imprisoned your family, you should accept my leadership and accept all my deeds and unite with me!! (Consider this fact that Imam hussain is the Prophet Muhammad”s grandson and yazid had been violating most of Islamic laws purposely, so there is no way Imam hussain accept yazid”s conditions!!).

So hussain obviously did not accept his offer and told him that “dying with dignity is way better that living with dishonor”.

After this yazid (god never forgive him) attacked Imam hussain and his few companions with his huge army.

Every single person in imam”s side was killed one by one.

One of imam”s son who was named” ali akbar” started fighting back and killed some of the enemies, but a lot of yazid”s army attacked him and tore apart his body and cut off his head!!

All imams” companion was killed and their head were cut off while they were thirsty so bad.

After ali akbar, imam”s nephew “ghasem” went to battle field.

He was only 13 years old but he fought like a brave fighting man.

Ghasem killed 3 soldiers of enemy but then they killed him and they throw stone at him and then they cut his head off!!

The last brother of imam wanted to go to the battle field but youngest daughter of imam asked him to bring water because they were so thirsty that they cannot tolerate.

Imam”s brother was “abbas”, he was a strong and brave fighter.

All the yazid army scared of him and ran away when they hear his name.

abbas founded a way to the river to bring water for innocent children.

When he arrived near the river all the enemy soldier ran away.

Abbas took water and guide his horse toward kids but enemy soldier shoot arrow at him to stop him.

They cut his right hand off first, abbas took the water with his left hand and continue his way but enemy cut his left hand too

He had no hand to take the water so he took it with his teeth and ran toward kids to give them the water but enemy shoot an arrow to his eye and one to his water container.

The arrow tore the water container and all the water wasted.

Abbas fell off his horse and hit the ground with his face.

Enemy smashed his head with an iron hammer.

All imams” companions were killed and there were no one left

Imam had a six month old son, “ali asghar”.

The infant could not cry due to thirstiness.

Imam showed him to the enemy army and said “this innocent six month old infant is dying, give some water only to him”, but suddenly an arrow shoot to the infant”s throat and cut his head off.

Imam got so sad and buried the infant there.

Then imam said goodbye to his wife and children and sisters.

Everyone was crying, but imam had to go to the battle field.

Without any other help, no kid, no brother, and no army, he attacked the enemy.

He killed some cruel soldier but enemy shoot arrow toward him and imam fell off his horse and they cut his head too.

But they did not stop they unforgiving actions, they ran across his dead body with horses.

After this, yazid gave an order to attack the women and children and imprisoned them.

Imam hussain is our third imam.

He sacrificed himself for preventing Islam to be destroyed.

Yazid presented Islam wrongly, in a furious way, so imam was against him.

Imam hussain is the symbol of freedom and liberty, he accept dying instead of uniting with the oppressors.

Nowadays, isis (Islamic!!!! state of Iraq and Syria) like yazid, shows a cruel and wild presentation of Islam that is completely wrong, and they kill imam hussain”s admirer and cut their heads off.




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